Toyota Financial Services Partners with Girl Scouts with “Driving My Financial Future”

26,000 Girl Scouts can now earn their own limited edition Toyota Financial Services “Driving My Financial Future” patch!

Toyota Financial Services and Girl Scouts of the USA have partnered together to empower thousands of underserved girls across the country to become financially savvy leaders, transform their communities, and impact the world. TFS has pledged to invest $1.72 million in ToGetHerThere, the largest campaign for girls in the world. Together, Girl Scouts and TFS will help girls build leadership skills, including financial independence. Through a multi-year corporate citizenship program entitled “Driving My Financial Future,” as girls learn to handle money and be self-reliant, they will also learn how to bring their own values to the business world and how to use their time, talent, and resources (including money!) to make the world a better place. To learn more, visit