TFS Team Members Respond to Severe Flood Threat in Cedar Rapids

In 2008, the Cedar Rapids area was devastated by flooding and has only recently seen the revitalization of impacted areas. When the region was threatened by the potential for 25 feet crests last month, team members at Customer Service Center Central (CSCC) in Cedar Rapids jumped into action to support their community.


CSCC team members were out in force filling sandbags ahead of potential flooding in Cedar Rapids.

On Monday, September 26, the day before the expected crest, CSCC team members started a campaign to locate fellow team members that possibly could be impacted, and reached out to community leaders to offer support and get information on where assistance was needed. Approximately 50 CSCC volunteers filled sandbags, and several team members even delivered sandbags to the home of a veteran that had been unable to return home to prepare for the flooding.  Team members provided supplies to the volunteer site and manned the CSCC command center, which monitored the situation and maintained contact with community leaders and TFS volunteers. Everyone involved came together with one common goal – to work with one another to protect the community.

Not only was the flood crest lower than expected, but because of the combined community effort, many avoided the heartbreak and struggles that resulted from the 2008 floods.   There still were many people impacted and there still is work to do, but thanks to efforts by our CSSC team members, many in the region were saved from experiencing much worse.

Thanks, TFS CSCC and the Cedar Rapids community, for coming together for the good of our city!

Submitted by Kelli Becker, Senior Administrator – Planning & Support and Team Impact Lead Customer Service Center Central