TFS Reaches Out and Offers Support to Victims of the Oso Landslide

Following the massive landslide that devastated the people of Snohomish County, Washington, last March, Toyota Financial Services (TFS) reached out to the majority of its 9,400 customers in the Oso zip code.

“We have roughly a hundred people in a loyalty team… and we’ve asked them to reach out to each customer with an outbound phone call to try to determine if there’s any assistance that’s needed,” said Al Smith, Group Vice President, Service Operations and Corporate Planning at TFS. “There’s no guarantee that we’ll reach all 9,400, but we’ll reach as many as we can.”

A company’s reputation is built on what its customers say; and after TFS contacted and offered support to Tammi Fattal, a customer who lives in the Seattle area impacted by the landslide, she had a lot to say.  So Fattal called KIRO radio (97.3 FM Seattle).

“The first thing I’m thinking is, ‘Did I send in my payment?'” said Fattal.  “And they just said they were calling because they realized I was in the affected area of the landslide, and is there anything they can do for me.  I was kind of blown away.”

Initially, KIRO thought the call to Ms. Fattal might have been a prank, but after contacting TFS and interviewing Smith, it was clear to them this was the real deal; Toyota was doing a “truly compassionate” thing reaching out to its customers.

To learn more, read the full transcript or listen to Smith’s radio interview.