TFS Encourages & Engages Young Minds Through Associate Outreach & Dream Car Contest


A TFS mentor and a Senior Creative Designer from CALTY look at a child’s Dream Car design.

Toyota Financial Services (TFS) recently partnered with LA Team Mentoring (LA Team), one of the largest after-school mentoring programs in the Los Angeles area, to host a series of Career Exploration field trips for local middle school students. The objective was to expose them to automotive design and potential career opportunities with Toyota.

About 110 students from Peary Middle School in Gardena, California, and 60 students from Fleming Middle School in Lomita, visited the Toyota Automotive Museum, where they were greeted by Senior Creative Designers from CALTY, Bob Mochizuki and Craig Kember. Mochizuki and Kember discussed the details of their job, and walked their guests through the process of creating a vehicle; from a vision on paper, through a number of iterations, to an actual physical vehicle.


Middle school students get a close look at the vehicles in the Toyota Automotive Museum.


A visiting student shares her designs with TFS President & CEO, Mike Groff.

Following the presentation, more than 25 mentors and volunteers from TFS assisted the students in an art activity to create and submit entries for the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. The youth were provided with art kits to take home, and TFS President & CEO, Mike Groff, stopped by every table to help the young artists dream up car designs.

This will be the third year that the U.S. has held its national contest. The first international contest was held in 2004 by Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, to inspire children to understand the importance of having a dream, and simultaneously encourage them to use their imagination and design the car of their dreams. This year’s national contest ran from October 1 to December 14, 2013, and the international contest continues through August 2014. Nine winners of the national contest will receive an iPad Mini; the thirty world contest winners receive a free trip to Tokyo, Japan (with an adult chaperone). The contest is open to all children ages 4-15. Over 70 countries are expected to participate.

Good luck to all the students from Peary Middle School and Fleming Middle School!


CALTY Senior Creative Designer, Craig Kember, shares insights into the automotive industry and vehicle design process.

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