TFS’ CSCC Promotes Healthy Living and Achieves Blue Zones Worksite Designation!


(Left to Right) Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett, Rhonda Harris, Janeen Wilcox, Dianne Harper, Janet Sabin, Luke Mallicoat, Kody McGuire, Rebecca Nedrow, Callan Jacobson, Suzanne Long, TraVarus Seay, Gayle Tubbs, Amber Lewis, Jill Petrzelka, Amanda Hill, Chad Regennitter, Alexis Kimbrough, Julie Beck and CSCC Corporate Manager Joseph Trabucco

When Toyota Financial Services’ (TFS) CSCC LiveWell committee began looking for new ways to help promote team member well-being and “help enrich lives, one healthy decision at a time,” it set its sights on becoming a Blue Zones Worksite.  The Blue Zones Project — a key element of Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s Healthiest State Initiative — is a community well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy, and social networks.  The initiative is based on the Power 9 Principles; nine healthy lifestyle habits such as being active, taking time to rest, eating more vegetables, making family a priority, creating healthy social networks, and knowing your purpose.  Discovered by author Dan Buettner, these Principles are shared by the people living in the original Blue Zones areas — pockets of longevity around the world.


Blue Zone designations can be granted to worksites, restaurants, grocery stores, and schools that meet certain criteria demonstrating their commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle.  CSCC began the certification process in May of 2014, with a worksite assessment of policies and programs.  Following the assessment, the LiveWell committee identified and established support for ongoing improvements as it completed the process.  CSCC’s wellness initiatives and opportunities include:

  • encouraging team members to take part in weekly walking groups, and conduct walking meetings when possible
  • leveraging its partnership with TFS’ Associate Support and Assistance Program (ASAP), and coordinating local seminars like Parent and Grandparent Education courses and a Stress Management series designed for all team members
  • sponsoring Weight Watchers on-site

(Left to Right) Suzanne Long, Dianne Harper, Rhonda Harris, Beth Goldman


After team members took the Blue Zones Worksite Pledge to make healthy choices while at work, CSCC submitted its application and received confirmation that it had met the criteria to achieve designation — a milestone that was celebrated in June at an event attended by Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett, other community leaders, and many TFS team members.  The exciting celebration included refreshments, fun activities, and various stations based on the Power 9 Principles.  These stations provided team members with valuable information and suggestions on how to boost their well-being by applying healthier lifestyle habits to their daily lives.


“CSCC is honored to be a designated Blue Zones Worksite,” said Joe Trabucco, Corporate Manager, CSCC.  “The program is a perfect fit for our location, and the level of engagement our team members have put into this effort inspires all of us to make healthier decisions.”


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(Left to Right) Luke Mallicoat, Callan Jacobson


(Left to Right) Jack Keleher, Allisa Fisher, Bryant Wright, Capria Davis, Adam David, Cathy Hoskins, Savaun Williams-Bounds, Mike Martin


(Left to Right) Rebecca Nedrow, Janeen Wilcox, Kody McGuire, TraVarus Seay


Jill Costigan


(Left to Right) Alexis Kimbrough, Chad Regennitter, Amber Lewis, Jill Petrzelka, Amanda Hill, Julie Beck


(Left to Right) Janet Sabin, Gayle Tubbs


CSCC achieves Blue Zones Worksite designation