Bring your Girl Scout to Work Day

Though they held hands as they faced the TFS volunteer judges, the young women offered no outward indication of nervousness or hesitation. In fact, while the group explained their business model and outlined marketing strategies, it was hard not to notice how confident and poised these presenters were. Only a momentary lapse into giggles during their choreographed commercial reminded the audience that these were not professional business women, but a group of ten-year-old Girl Scouts!


Exactly as they would on the TV show Shark Tank, three young entrepreneurs entered the room.

The presentations were part of the 2nd Annual Bring Your Girl Scout to Work event, held at TFS California Headquarters in April. Nearly 50 Girl Scouts from the Los Angeles area attended the event, led by the HQ Community Ambassadors. In an afternoon, they participated in games and activities with the goal of earning badges related to financial literacy. Senior Girl Scouts explored college and career options; Cadettes worked to understand budgeting; and the youngest girls present, the Juniors, participated in the Shark Tank activity, developing robust businesses in an hour.

April is Financial Empowerment Month at TFS, and the event drew heavily on the experiences of TFS volunteers, who supplemented the activities with first-hand knowledge related to financial literacy. And while the Girl Scouts learned a great deal from the volunteers, it was evident during the event that the Girl Scouts had returned the favor by inspiring the entire group of TFS team members. As they presented with maturity beyond their years, and showed true concern for their financial future, their energy and enthusiasm was contagious. Every volunteer departed the event with a smile on their face and a little extra warmth in their heart.