TFS Teaches Boys & Girls Club Teens About Kaizen (continuous improvement)!

YOY KaizenOn June 26, 2015, Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) held their first ever Youth of the Year (YOY) Advanced Leaders Institute at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. Over 90 state, regional, and military YOY winners came together for an intensive three day pre-collegiate experience and interactive leadership learning sessions.

The Toyota Financial Services Operational Excellence team helped provide the YOY winners with a true Kaizen experience, exposing the youth to the core foundational principles of Toyota: continuous improvement and respect for people.  The principle of continuous improvement or Kaizen includes establishing a long-term vision, working on challenges, continual innovation, and going to the source of the issue or problem.  Work processes are redesigned to eliminate waste through the process of continuous improvement.

YOY Kaizen 3

The youth participated in a hands-on simulation that involved packaging a variety of food products in an efficient manner, while learning about customer expectations. The exercise put the participants through three rounds of activity.  As the participants moved from one round to the next, they made improvements and eliminated waste. By the third round, the teams had increased their packaging time by an average of four minutes!  The teens were extremely engaged and learned principles they can apply to their own lives.

Best of all, 100% of the new packaged food products were donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank to help families in need.

Toyota Financial Services and the Boys and Girls Club living the Toyota Way! YOY Kaizen 2