TFS assists customers impacted by storms in West Virginia

TMMWV_Flood_Volunteers_002_048AD518BCC59D53CAEB4E6A4F52C9B7844CC8B7_lowWhen disaster strikes, Toyota Financial Services (TFS) jumps into action to assist customers who live in the impacted area. Recently, parts of West Virginia were impacted by severe storms that resulted in flooding, landslides, and mudslides. TFS quickly determined that potentially more than 3,000 customers lived in the impacted counties, and immediately empowered its customer service representatives in the company’s three call centers to assist by providing payment deferments, extensions, late charge waivers, and other services depending on the situation.

Whenever there is a disaster, TFS has procedures in place to rapidly identify the customers who are potentially impacted, and provide its customer service representatives with tools to assist them.  TFS’ efforts in West Virginia are the latest in a long history of TFS taking steps to make life easier for its customers during a time of crisis.