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Through this website, our goal is to communicate our community efforts to our team members and the public regularly and in a timely manner.

What kind of things are we looking to highlight?

  • Events and activities with TFS community partners
  • Individual TFS team members who are doing outstanding work in the community
  • Nonprofit organizations where TFS is making a difference
  • Students, mentees, or other community members whose lives TFS has made easier

We are open to other editorial ideas. Please send an email HERE.

Any TFS team member involved with an event can submit the story idea, but please ensure only one submission.

Thank you!

P.S. Please be sure to include the following information within your story:

  1. Brief recap of event (max 350 words)
  2. Date and location of event, if applicable
  3. Name(s) of any participating nonprofits or community groups
  4. Number of team members who participated, if any
  5. Number of youth who participated, if any
  6. Unique stories or experiences, if any
  7. Captions for any uploaded event photographs, if applicable (suggest three that demonstrate emotion, content, and action)


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