Adding it up: Toyota4Good Doubles Team Member’s Donations to Provide Over $100,000 to Spelman College Math Department

(from left) TFS Fraud Consultant Kelly-Ann Henry with Spelman College student Mya.

TFS Fraud Consultant Kelly-Ann Henry has been donating $10,000 annually over the last five years. Do that math. That adds up to $100,000, right? It does with Toyota4Good Team Member dollar-for-dollar matching. Henry was able to double her impact to the Math department at Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga. Together, Henry and Toyota are supporting life-saving research students and faculty are conducting.

Two such research projects are for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These students, as part of the Research and Mentoring Program (RaMP), are paired with faculty to understand growth rates of STDs. One group is examining 10-year growth rates and age groups affected, while another specifically studies the growth rate in AIDS diagnoses within various age groups. This program allows students to gain valuable insight to how math is used in the real world. It’s this kind of meaningful application of math that reaches far beyond the students and faculty at Spelman College. Through Henry’s generosity and Toyota’s employee charitable contribution match program, Spelman students are able to conduct research that will ultimately lead to happier and healthier lives for all.

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