It would take 13 Tundras to carry the amount of food these 29 volunteers delivered

Over twenty volunteers from TFS Remarketing served nearly 21,000 pounds of food to 131 families in need – that’s over 13x the maximum payload of the 2018 Tundra. This partnership was part of the Sharing Life Community Outreach, which is a member of the North Texas Food Bank Feeding Network. In addition to providing meals, the volunteers delivered clothing, entertained the kids, and helped with hurricane relief items. “This was a very rewarding experience, and I am reminded in everything to give thanks,” said TFS Remarketing Specialist Mary Williams.

The Toyota volunteers met at “The Hub” — a large community organization that operates like a mini food bank. The North Texas Food Bank provides The Hub with food. Then the real magic happens: volunteers distribute this food to local food pantries and Community Distribution Partners (CDPs). These smaller program sites can distribute food directly to the neighborhoods where people live.

“Participating as a volunteer at Sharing Life was eye-opening and beyond rewarding. I am thankful I was able to work to stock the shelves so that those who are less fortunate can benefit. I, along with my family, will be volunteering for future functions similar to the food bank in our local area. Thank you for this great opportunity.” — Jim Muller, TFS Auction Remarketing Manager

Sharing Life and the NTFB have a common goal of providing 92 million nutritious meals by 2025. This reflects the current need for assistance in the 13-county region served.

Regional Remarketing Manager Tim Pavlichek was excited to join his colleagues to help NTFB reach that goal. The team logged nearly 90 hours of volunteer time. This qualifies NTFB to receive a $1,000 Team Grant – a pilot program under Toyota’s newly-launched “Toyota4Good” community relations program; when a group of five or more team members collectively log 50+ hours of volunteer time, that eligible nonprofit will receive a $1,000 grant.

Sharing Life CEO & Executive Director Teresa Jackson and Volunteer Manager Fyve Hilton were incredibly thankful for the hard work from the Toyota volunteers. It certainly takes more than a few pickup trucks to run an operation like this; it takes passion, teamwork, and dedication from countless volunteers.