Sarah Kong – U.S. Winner and World Finalist in 8th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

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Sarah Kong, age 11

Delivering hope … on wheels. This is how 11-year-old Sarah Kong from Los Angeles, CA envisions her dream car. In fact, her Helping Car is not just a car, but rather a mobile social worker and community caretaker, equipped with all of the equipment and accessories needed to provide the delivery of critical services to those in need.

“The Helping Car helps people when they have lost everything: families, homes, and most of all, even hope,” says Kong. “The car has sections where they cook, make clothes, give the right amount of medicine, grow food in the car, get tents for sleeping and give out candies. In the drawing, people are rejoicing at what they have now. Children are laughing with teddy bears. The Helping Car makes everyone feel happy and filled with hope.”

"Helping Car" by Sarah Kong (Category 2: 8-11 years of age)

“Helping Car” by Sarah Kong (U.S. Gold Category 2: 8-11 years of age and World Finalist)

Kong said she was inspired by what she was seeing around her to come up with a car concept that would address the needs of the homeless population in her city and fill a need she says reflects her long-term goals: to serve those who are less fortunate.

“I drew this Helping Car because I saw homeless people in the street and on freeway exits,” said Kong. “I was sorry to go back to my sweet home and wanted to help them. I thought of the idea to help these people and drew a car that had all they needed inside. The car goes everywhere and delivers stuff that people need to use in life. I want to help many people when I grow up. The Helping Car is my dream for the future.”

Participating in the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, says Kong, allowed her to do something immediately about a social issue she was already confronting: create a vision for new ways to help others. But for her, the process also presented a unique opportunity to share her ideas with others—a first step in any long-range plan to incite awareness and affect social change.

“I was excited to participate in the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest because it was fun and I had a good time drawing my dream car,” Kong said. “It was fun to share my dream car with everyone and see the other kids’ wonderful dream cars.”