“Re-Invent and Re-Ignite”

On February 9, 2017, Torque! and Women in Leadership co-hosted the 3rd annual “Re-Invent and Re-Ignite,” an evening of impact with TFS executives. The goal of the event was to encourage women to re-invent themselves to be their best and re-ignite their passion and excitement about the impact they can make.

“We are in the midst of change, whether that means moving to Plano, having already moved to Plano, or moving on in a different way,” explains BillieJo Johnson, TFS Project Management Office Director and founder of Re-Invent and Re-Ignite. “The picture painted years ago that depicts the organization is not the same picture it is today, nor will it be the same tomorrow. While the picture is changing, why not be inspired and ignited by the change?”

BillieJo developed this event to bring women from TORQUE! and Women in Leadership together to network, learn, and be inspired by our leaders and themselves. TORQUE! is dedicated to advancing the personal and professional development of women at Toyota, enabling their full contribution by influencing systemic change, while increasing inclusion opportunities and human capital. Women in Leadership is part of the Linkage Institute, an organizational and leadership development company. The goal of Women in Leadership is to engage and inspire high-performing women leaders toward accelerating their leadership abilities.

The recurring theme of this year’s Re-Invent and Re-Ignite executive panel discussion was to be bold, confident, and involved. To this end, they encouraged those in attendance to learn something new, take chances, and speak up.

TFS President & CEO Mike Groff acknowledged, “Risk taking is a big deal in careers, and it does require courage.” Kim Cerda, VP Human Resources, added, “Being brave is not about not being scared. It’s about being scared and doing it anyway.”

With the movement of the organization from Torrance to Plano and the general unpredictability of the future, there was also a sense of urgency in their messages.

“We need strong leaders because we have business challenges ahead of us,” stated Scott Cooke, VP & Chief Risk Officer.”

Jocelyn Woods, Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA) 2016-2017 Youth of the Year

In addition to the executive panel, the event featured Jocelyn Woods, Boys & Girls Club of America Youth of the Year 2016-17. Her speech about overcoming adversity and moving forward with strength ignited a standing ovation.

It’s very important for all of you leaders to be involved in our dialogue, our conversations, where we’re going as a company,” said Karen Ideno, VP Product & Marketing. “We can’t do it without you, so we need your activation now.”


“I am inspired to be bold and go after where I can make a bigger impact,” said one of the participants, a sentiment shared by many of the attendees.

To view highlights of the event, click here.