Leaving with more than just that feel-good feeling

When Rufus came home after a volunteer event at Maricopa Animal Care and Control, he became the family’s newest travel companion.

Newly-adopted Rufus loves traveling, and hopped in the Shelby family’s FJ Cruiser for a ride.

It was just like any other day in Phoenix at Maricopa Animal Care and Control. Except it wasn’t. Today was the day that team members from TFS CSC West volunteered to spend time with and exercise the shelter dogs

One of the dogs – Rufus – has now gotten to spend much more time with TFS National Supplier Relationship Manager Mark Shelby and his family. Mark, after volunteering at the shelter with his wife and fellow TFS team members that brisk day on January 12, knew he’d be going home with more than just that feel-good feeling like many of the other volunteer activities. 

Rufus, a Catahoula Leopard and German Shepherd mix, has a contagious personality: curious and adventurous, yet well-behaved. Fun, but not too in-your-face. 

He joined the Shelby family via a covert operation. After the volunteer activity, Mark returned to the shelter with his son, this time bringing their Black Labrador Retriever, Whittington. You know . . . to make sure they’d like each other. They hit it off, and now Summer 2019 was sure to be promising, full of camping trips and tongue-flopping car rides. 

Rufus loves hiking and traveling. If you stacked Mark’s FJ Cruiser on top of his Tundra, Rufus could jump over both. Possibly an exaggeration, but we all like to brag about our kids. And Rufus has surely become part of the Shelby family. 

August 26 is recognized as National Dog Day. Through volunteer activities such as the one Mark participated in, many Toyota team members find ways to celebrate dogs — and often bring them into their family. Because when you adopt a dog like Rufus, that feel-good feeling from community service could last much more than a few hours.