Toyota Financial Services Team Members Visit Local Title I School in Baltimore

Baltimore DSSO MHE

This holiday season, the Toyota Financial Services Baltimore Dealer Sales & Service Office (DSSO) partnered with Beaver Run Elementary school, a local Title I school in Salisbury, MD. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Title I schools, these schools are federally funded due to the attendance of a high percentage of children from low income families.

On December 18, Baltimore DSSO team members, Greg Wilkin and Mary Henry, had the privilege of presenting Melissa Eiler, Beaver Run Principal, with a check for $1,500 to help support the 700 students in 2 locations from pre-school to 2nd grade.   In addition to the check, each classroomBaltimore DSSO MHE3 received cookies and the kids kicked off the event with a Holiday Hop located in their cafeteria.  Greg and Mary would have ‘busted a move’ themselves but after observing the students’ dance moves they were determined not to be shown up by elementary school students!

According to Mary, “We felt so lucky to be given the opportunity to visit the school, and the children couldn’t have been any kinder or polite. The children live in conditions on a day to day basis that most of never could ever imagine. If I could say one thing about our visit, I would say the following: If you are ever given the opportunity to visit a Title I school, take it. It will give you a feeling you can’t put into words.”