Making Holidays Easier for Thousands in Need

Many thanks to everyone that participated in the TFS Making Holidays Easier Program! This year, 100% of TFS offices and more than 450 team members participated. Dozens of Boys & Girls partner clubs were served, along with more than 15 partners in communities where our team members live and work. As a result, approximately 3,300 children and their families benefitted from the program.


Here are a few quotes from TFS Community Ambassadors and members of Team IMPACT group, highlighting the effect the Making Holiday Easier Program had on those in need and TFS employees:


“It was nice to provide to less fortunate families and help make their holidays an enjoyable experience. It fostered team growth and companionship”

“I drove the shuttle between the party & the shelter. As I was driving a family back to the shelter, there was a little girl (~ age 7) singing Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs the entire way. She said she had so much fun at the party and loved seeing Santa. She said it was the best Xmas ever. When she was singing Jingle Bells, her little sister joined it. Hearing them made my day!”

“This event was unique to see the excitement in the children’s eyes as they decorated their stockings. You could see that the stockings were more than just cotton material decorated with glitter glue and snowflake cutout; but a symbol of hope. It was great to see the joy in the room that day.”

“Mothers of the children had the pleasure of meeting Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus alongside their children. They were given gifts and able to take photos to create lasting memories. All of the mothers were very appreciative of our time and assistance. The babies were so adorable. Our team members can’t wait to help out this charity again.”