Lauren Park – U.S. Winner and World Winner in 8th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

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“Toyota Camera Car” by Lauren Park (U.S. Winner Gold Category 3: 12-15 years old and World WInner)

Can a car connect us through our experiences and help us preserve memory? In Lauren Park’s world, there is no doubt about it. Park, a 14-year-old from Irvine, CA has a unique vision for an automobile that can document its passengers’ experiences by capturing images of where they go and what they see along the way. Her Toyota Camera Car has the ability to transform the process of journey by car into a meaningful experience of connectivity through the joy of remembrance.

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Lauren Park, age 14

“Using watercolor and ink, I created my Toyota Camera Car, which has wonderful abilities to generate precious moments and memories wherever and whenever it takes us,” said Park, a first-time entrant in the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. For her, a dream car has the ability to capture and present our life’s memories as we make them, giving the car an interactive role in the making of our lives and how we connect with one another through both our unique and shared experiences.

“My car also captures and shares these beautiful and colorful memories by displaying them,” Park said. “The concept of my Toyota Camera Car is about sharing, reminiscing, and creating lasting remembrances. It also brings people together. I think that creating happiness for people is the greatest thing that my Toyota Dream Car can do for us, which helps to connect us all.”

Creating opportunities for human connections, says Park, are the driving forces behind her concept for a car of our dreams. Having been given an opportunity to paint a picture of what that looks like, she says, challenged and excited her.

“This is my first time participating in the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest,” said Park. “When I entered, I felt eager and excited to try something new and different by challenging myself to create a piece that might connect with others. There actually wasn’t much time remaining before the submissions were due, so I was curious myself to see how my artwork might turn out in the end.”