Boys & Girls Clubs of America Youth of the Year Winner Jocelyn Woods Presented with New Toyota Corolla

(from left) Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Vice President of Corporate and Cause Partnerships Chad Royal-Pascoe stands with Youth of the Year Winner Jocelyn Woods. TFS VP of Product, Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Communications Karen Ideno, and National Community Relations Manager Elena Sacca Smith presented Jocelyn with the keys to her customized black-on-black Corolla. Also in attendance was Boys & Girls Clubs of America Account Strategy & Corporate Development Director Emily Acland Michael.

On Monday, July 31, less than a week after she received her driver’s license, Jocelyn Woods was presented with keys to her first car – a new Corolla! As the signature sponsor of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Youth of the Year Program, TFS was proud to honor Woods for her academic excellence, passion, service, and perseverance in overcoming great obstacles.

Jocelyn, raised in what she describes as “the projects,” was forced to grow up at an early age. Although at first she thought attending college was just a dream, the mentors at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley saw an untapped potential in Woods before she even realized it herself. “My Boys and Girls Club was a catalyst of my motivation,” said Woods. “I knew that I was capable of doing and being more.”

She joined Boys & Girls Clubs of America 13 years ago. As Woods continued her involvement with the Club after school, she began finding her own voice, using her struggles as motivation to work harder and overcome the obstacles faced by too many young people in under-served communities.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America Youth of the Year Jocelyn Woods holds the keys insider her new Corolla.

And today, she’s driving off in her new Corolla, eager to attend the University of Southern California to study journalism.

“It’s incredible to see the transformative power of Boys and Girls Clubs, and to watch young adults like Jocelyn fulfill the Clubs’ mission by becoming such an exemplary role model and changing force in the community,” said Mike Groff, TFS President and CEO, and Board of Trustee for Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

When Woods has some free time from her studies at USC, she’s ready to hit the open road to visit Seattle, Portland, and Canada – exploring beautiful parts of the Northwest she’s never seen.

Toyota congratulates Jocelyn on her accomplishments and is proud to provide her with a brand new Toyota Corolla! To learn more, visit Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA) Youth of the Year (YOY) program.