The Renewable Energy of Caring in Plano


Bishop Curry, TFS Operational Excellence Manager & Plano Team Impact Lead, shares his story of giving back to the community.

Toyota Financial Services’ Labor of Love

In preparation for the upcoming school year, TFS recently provided backpacks filled with school supplies to over 250 school aged children from both the Boys & Girls Club of Collin County and Hope’s Door in North Texas. Over 7,400 supplies were donated within a two-week period.

Our Task

Plano-based team members donated thousands of dollars’ worth of school supplies and volunteered nearly 150 hours to ensure the kids would be ready for school.

During the campaign, volunteers engaged, encouraged, and inspired colleagues to ensure each child’s backpack was full.  Signs were posted, announcements made, people were hugged, and hands were shaken all in an effort to help children that we had not even met.   Volunteers spent precious hours lugging thousands of pounds of school supplies up and down office stairs and in and out of elevators like busy bees buzzing around a hive.

The Result

The culmination of the campaign took place at a “Back to School” party with children from both Hope’s Door and Boys & Girls Club of Collin County.   Volunteers served pizza, played games with the kids, and handed out backpacks filled with everything a child needs to exercise their potential at school.

Before the festivities began, the volunteer team was exhausted from all of the preparation!

Renewable Energy

BUT as the party began … a new energy echoed among the volunteers.  The excitement given to ensure the kids had school supplies was now being given back with each child’s smiling face and with each thank you.  Along with the kids the volunteers danced, laughed, and played as if they were kids themselves!

Our Epiphany

In that moment, the team realized that the energy produced when we give enables others to go further.  In fact, our energy is the drive others need to go further, and there is unlimited value in furthering the opportunities of others, especially children.  Toyota truly believes in giving back to our communities, and in giving, we are empowered by renewed energy to give more.

The school supplies we provided will empower children to focus and apply themselves to their studies without the worry of distractions often experienced by children of families with financial limitations.  This is huge and is often the difference in a child’s negative or positive perspective on school and the effort they give.  As a team, we are extremely proud to work for a company that values people.

We all are re-energized and so are those wonderful children who are filled with the potential of unlimited possibility.

Donation Highlights

  • 4,600 pencils
  • 450 highlighters
  • 600 glue sticks/bottles
  • 250 boxes of tissues
  • 1,100 folders
  • 1,475 notebooks/paper
  • Scissors, protractors, agendas, markers, crayons, etc. etc.
  • And so much more …

~ Written by Bishop Curry, TFS Operational Excellence Manager & Plano Team Impact Lead