Commitment to Service

Community Impact

At TFS, we don’t just write checks, we like to get involved – at the local level. All 39 TFS offices, including Puerto Rico, participate and support TFS national partners and initiatives, w225h150including financial education and youth development. Over 400 TFS team members serve as mentors to teens and over 50 team members serve in leadership roles, as part of the Community Ambassador program and Team IMPACT, acting as the liaison between TFS’ local offices and the community.



Community Grants and President’s Volunteer and Service Awards

TFS’ Toyota4Good (T4G) program rewards and recognizes team members for participating in community engagement opportunities and strategic initiatives. Each year TFS honors team members as a volunteer of the year and offers team members with 100 hours or more of service the opportunity to earn the President’s Volunteer Service award. In addition, team members may earn grants to support organizations of their choice that fit within company guidelines, as well as serve in leadership positions on the board of directors for non-profits, earning even more dollars to support their local community.