Boston DSSO: Making a Difference Throughout the Community

IMG_50881Recently, Boston DSSO has been very busy making a difference for those in need throughout its communities.

First, Boston DSSO donated $300 to My Father’s House in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, an organization dedicated to providing young mothers and pregnant teenagers with a safe place to live, and helping them get on their feet and out on their own. For more information on My Father’s House, please visit

Several associates from the Boston DSSO also had the privilege of attending the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell’s 17th Annual Holiday Auction Dinner, where the Club received a donation of $1,500 from the DSSO.

Finally, with a $1,200 budget and donations from associates, Boston DSSO supported several families through Child and Family Services out of Manchester, the oldest and longest-standing social service organization in New Hampshire (

  • Warm waterproof winter boots to 31 homeless teenagers
  • Family #1 (very ill mother of two, breast cancer survivor) – the son received a winter coat, hoodie, card game, magic game, fishing pole with lures, fishing net, and toys; daughter received pajamas, an outfit, gloves, dolls, craft kits, and games; mother received a very nice coat, blankets, pillows and pillowcases, reusable hand warmers, a waffle/Panini press, waffle mix, and hot chocolate
  • Family #2 (single dad, autistic 4-year-old daughter) – children’s DVDs, a learning music CD, a coat, gloves, black sequined boots, winter boots, pajamas, gloves, socks, and several outfits
  • Family #3 (a mother and father with a 3-year-old son) – the parents were each given winter jackets and several outfits; the son received outfits, shoes, winter boots, 4and toys

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