Arizona Diplomas 2 Degrees Member Progresses to the Boys & Girls Club State Youth of the Year

Four short years ago a shy thirteen year old from the Guadalupe BGC walked into her first mentoring session with TFS team members. What was underneath that shy exterior was simply remarkable.

Taciaa Samaniego has a smile that is hard to forget and goals and aspirations that most of us only dream about. Taciaa began her journey to explore her future during d2D sessions where she made an instant connection with Community Ambassador Mary Parrett. While being mentored by Mary, Taciaa took an interest in dance and courageously pursued it, which she has said would not have been possible without Mary’s support and encouragement. Through the years this mentor/mentee relationship had incredible impact as Taciaa improved her grades and began to think about college; the first in her family to consider that possibility.

Fast forward to 2016 on Friday, March 4th  where Taciaa set another goal…to Taciaa1compete and win the Boys and Girls Clubs of the East Youth of the Year title – which she did!

Taciaa will now move on to the state level where she will compete with all Arizona Youth of the Year winners. She and Ambassador Mary Parrett continue to work on finding the courage to take it to the next level.

Taciaa is a great example of what hard work, dedication and the support of a caring and consistent mentor can do for even the shyest of girls… in Taciaa’ s own words… “If Beyoncé can do it, so can I… I got this!”


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