TFS Community Ambassador Role Helps Team Members Enhance Skills

2014 Community Ambassador Conference LA 1745 years ago it started with a bold idea and 9 team members in pilot locations across the US and today we have 45 Community Ambassadors in every TFS office including Puerto Rico.

The idea was simple, create an opportunity within each TFS office to become an advocate and liaison for social impact that not only gave team members a chance to give back to their community and spend time with some amazing kids, but also provided a differential investment opportunity.

The Ambassador program piloted in 2009 has provided over 102 TFS team members a chance to build important core skills and competencies such as communication, relationship building, project management, and leadership. In fact, over 90% of our current Ambassadors reported an increase in leadership skills through their participation in the program.

Today we are pleased to announce that in the first quarter of our new fiscal year, we already have 3 standing Community Ambassadors that have achieved a promotion.  They attribute their advancement in part to the skills they acquired in the role of Community Ambassador!


Leslie Rafter – Headquarters  Carson - Stephen White_Dream Car

Leslie has been with TFS for 6 years and a Community Ambassador since 2013. She has served as the SOX Sr. Analyst. Most recently, Leslie was promoted to a Band 4 SOX Manager.

According to Leslie, “The program has provided a great opportunity to not only make a positive impact in the community but to interact with fellow TFS team members in a new and fun way.  It has been a very rewarding experience to get to know the club members and be a part of their learning and planning process for college and beyond.”


Quinten Bennett- Baton Rouge 2014 Community Ambassador Conference LA

Quinten, better known as “Q”, has been a Community Ambassador since 2012. Q began his TFS career at Central Customer Service Center, transferred to the Kansas City Dealer Sales and Service Office (DSSO) where he served as a wholesale and credit analyst and most recently was promoted to the credit supervisor position in the Baton Rouge DSSO. He attributes the Community Ambassador role to helping lead to his promotion due in part to:

“Being an Ambassador allowed me to rub elbows with some higher ups and really get to see that they are just as “normal” as I am.  That encouraged me to continue to be myself and continue to focus on making myself better.”


Frances Rodriquez- Puerto Rico 2 FRANCES2

Frances has been with Toyota Credit Puerto Rico (TCPR) for 5 years. She started as a Summer Intern in 2010 and has served in different roles including registration clerk, inbound customer service and loss recovery agent. Frances became TCPR’s Community Ambassador in 2013. Most recently, Frances was promoted to Recovery Network and Vendor Program Analyst for TCPR.

In Frances’ words, “Having the opportunity of being TCPR’s ambassador for the past two years has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. It not only helped me assist others, but it helped me grow as a professional and as a human being. I couldn’t feel more proud to work for a company that truly cares”.


Congratulations to all of the TFS Community Ambassadors that have been promoted while in the role and a huge THANK YOU to all of them for the outstanding impact they are having in their local communities!